Campus Interviewing

2015/2016 Recruiting Dates

Fall 2015 Semester:
September 28th - November 13th

Spring 2016 Semester:
February 1st - April 1st 

Call (520) 621-2372 to schedule your recruiting visit today or request a schedule online at

Click Here to get instructions on how to register with Wildcat Joblink, Post a Job and Request an On Campus Visit!

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Hire Our Wildcats!

Campus Interviewing is a great way to connect with students. Each year, 250-300 employers interview on campus. Organizations who interview typically represent large to medium-sized corporate employers looking to hire students in the areas of business, industry and government. There is also a significant number of local and regional employers from small and mid-sized organizations. These employers come from all over the country to interview students for both internships/co-ops and full-time positions upon graduation.  

Recruiter evaluations rank UA students as highly qualified, with strong academic preparation, well-rounded work experience and excellent interviewing skills.  Recruiters who have visited our campus have given us a 99% satisfaction rating overall.

At A Glance.... Your Recruiting Process

All UA interview schedules are coordinated through Career Services.  We utilize NaceLink that allows staff and students access to online interview scheduling which we call Wildcat Joblink Campus interviewing is designed primarily for business, industry and government recruiting.

1.      Campus Interviewing: Please submit your request online through Wildcat Joblink or call 520-621-2372 to reserve interviewing dates and select scheduling arrangements.

Schedule Format: There are two types of scheduling formats.  You may choose either a Pre-Select Schedule or an Open Schedule option based on your needs. 

The Open Schedule option allows all qualified students who meet your specific criteria to sign up immediately through our online interviewing scheduling system on a first-come, first-serve basis.

 The Pre-Select Schedule allows employers to review interested student resumes and select in advance those students you will interview.  Please note: WebCam (Skype or Facetime) interviews are available by request.

**Please Note** - There is a nominal fee for on campus interviewing services.  Please call to inquire about the particular charges.  Non-profit fees may vary.

Your Interview Day

Your Interview Day begins at 8:30am, and the last interview ends at 5:00pm with a 15-minute break in the morning and afternoon; lunch is 11:45am – 1:00pm.  The standard schedule consists of thirteen, 30 minute interviews.  Other scheduling arrangements can be made at your request prior to your arrival.

Schedule Changes - - All changes and/or cancellations of scheduled dates can be accommodated to prior to your visit.  Changes to schedules are not allowed the day of your campus interviews.  Please contact students to cancel or reschedule interview times.

3.  If you are interested in an Information Session prior to your interviews, please let us know.  We can assist with arrangements for an appropriate space.  Fees are associated with room use.  For assistance, please call our office.  We will publish the details of your information session for students to view.

4.  Recruiter Parking is available for on campus interviewing participants through Career Services.  Space is limited and reservations must be made at least 2 days in advance to your scheduled visit.  Parking reservation charges will be added to your on campus interviewing invoice.  Standard University of Arizona parking fee will be used.

5.  Promote your visit aggressively! Information sessions, flyers, facebook, twitter blasts are important for getting the word.  Please contact 520-621-2372 to help get the process going.  Visit also our UA Career Services Liaisons to see which UA Career Staff works directly with the colleges you are targeting.

6.  Feedback.  We are interested in the offer/acceptance data and salary information of our graduates for statistical and advising purposes.  We ask that all UA employers provide UA Career Services with this information.  The identity of individual employers and students will be kept confidential.