International Students - A Hiring How To

In today’s global economy, hiring international students is a smart move for employers. The University of Arizona has an enrollment of approximately 2,600 extraordinarily talented international students on non-immigrant visas, representing a broad spectrum of academic majors. These students are the cream of the crop from their home countries. Many of these highly motivated students have expressed an interest in using their knowledge and skills with American firms and employers would do well to consider them for future employment.

Federal laws governing whether U. S. companies can hire non-U.S. citizens are complex. Understandably, employers may be uncertain whether they can be hired at all. Although there are time limits upon their employment. the bottom line is: international students ARE allowed to work within the United States.

Once you overcome the question of whether or not you can legally hire international students, the next hurdle may be your concerns and questions about the complexity of doing so. With all the benefits that come from creating a more diverse workforce, taking time to understand the process is a smart move.

There are certain restrictions regarding the work that international students can do and we’ve briefly outlined the rules below. Because of the complexities of hiring international students, it is important that you consult with your legal consul or the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.