Posting A Position With Career Services

The following are some points to consider when posting a position:  

Function of the Organization

  • Include general background information about your organization: objectives, size, and type of customer you serve.
  • Provide your organization’s website address.


Position Title

Many students are unfamiliar with particular job titles in specialized fields; therefore, titles that actually describe the position or its tasks are most helpful. 

Position Description

Briefly describe the tasks, responsibilities and expectations you have of a student. These may include, but are not limited to, routine work duties, staff relationships, travel, and equipment to be used. This is where students look to size up the experience. Your description should emphasize the educational experience that the student will receive in exchange for their work. 

Preferred Qualifications

The most effective listings of qualifications focus on the skills, experience, or interests that you are seeking in a student. Remember that the University’s student population is very diverse. First-year students may be 18 or 40 years old with a range of unique experiences. Simply requiring that a student be a junior or a senior does not guarantee specific qualifications, such as maturity, work experience or the completion of introductory courses. Be sure to explicitly indicate the minimum qualifications necessary for the position and whether training is provided. 

Work Schedule

Indicate the number of hours per week you expect a student to work. Indicate how flexible the scheduling may be and whether or not there are fixed times the student must be available. 

Length of Experience

Indicate the duration of the position and whether this is a fixed period (i.e. September 1 - December 31); recurring, (i.e., available every three months on a regular schedule); or ongoing, (i.e., something is available for the right person at almost any time).

The University of Arizona operates on a semester system. Your position need not conform to that system, but many of our students will seek opportunities compatible with their academic schedule. Fall semester begins in late August and Spring semester begins in the middle of January. The academic year concludes in mid-May. Plan early and allow time for students to view your listed position. 


Compensation options vary. Some organizations offer strictly volunteer positions, others offer a wide range of hourly salaries. College Work Study is available to students working at some non-profit and governmental agencies. Some organizations offer stipends, travel expenses, tuition reimbursement, scholarships, studio privileges, tickets, or meals as compensation. 

Application Procedure

Indicate the method students should use to contact you if they are interested in applying for your position. If you have an application form that you want students to fill out and mail to you, indicate “application,” and include a copy of the application form for students to review and complete. 

Posting a Position on Wildcat JobLink

To post a position on the UA Career Services Wildcat JobLink, please follow these steps: 

  1. Go to our Web site select "Post Job" in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click on "Employer Login" under the "Employers" section.
  3. Enter your existing NACELink Network or Wildcat JobLink username (your e-mail address) and existing password to login. If you are new to the system, click on “Register For The First Time”.
  4. Follow the instructions to create an account.
  5. Once you have completed all information requested, you will get to the “Employer Desktop” and you can choose any of the options listed.