Job Listing Service

In partnership with the NACElink Network, the University of Arizona Career Services is pleased to offer Wildcat JobLink. Wildcat JobLink is the only job listing and campus interviewing service that provides employers the ability to directly interact with University of Arizona students and alumni.

Listing your openings through Wildcat JobLink helps to increase exposure of your job listings and ensure next day posting on the internet. Through Wildcat JobLink, our students can easily browse job openings by job type, geographic location and/or organization at their convenience.

Private individuals and UA campus departments may post job listings free of charge. Businesses & corporations, non-profit organizations, and schools may post job listings for their own organization free of charge to University of Arizona students and alums, or for a nominal fee may post their jobs to multiple institutions. Please use the links below or contact the Employer Relations Office at or call 520-621-4606 for more information.

Third Party Recruiting

Third Party Recruiting / Pyramiding / Multi-Level Marketing organizations or opportunities will not be allowed to participate in campus recruiting events which include career fairs, job postings, campus recruiting, mall sponsorship, interview room use or resume referrals.

Notice: UA uses no other system for our job posting or interviewing services. UA students now access your full-time, part-time, summer job, and internship positions exclusively through Wildcat JobLink.

Only University of Arizona students and alumni will be able to access the openings that you post on Wildcat JobLink. If you would like to select other colleges at which to post your position, you will have the opportunity to do so from within the NACELink system.