Resume Referrals

Registration is required to access this resource.  Click for details.Resume Referrals are initialized when employers contact Career Services to request resumes of qualified candidates.  These employers often do not wish to interview on campus or advertise their job opportunities.

If you have registered with Career Services , you are automatically part of our Campus Interviewing Program.  Should you meet the qualifications requested by the employer, your resume will be sent five working days after the employer requests to have resumes referred.

Register as soon as possible to have the most opportunities; also, make sure you have set your most current (and generic) resume as your Default Resume in Wildcat JobLink.  This resume is the one that will be sent to employers should they express interest in you.  We highly recommend that you log into Wildcat JobLink at least once per semester to update your resume.  JobLink accounts that have had no activity for more than six months will not be referred to recruiters.

Employers will screen the resumes and contact candidates directly.