Student Populations

Arizona Assurance
Career Services is working with the Arizona Assurance Scholars Program to provide programming that is part of your success plan as an Arizona Assurance Scholar and allows for your preparation for life after college including entering the work force or graduate school.
Graduate Students
It's not our intention to re-invent the wheel, but rather to provide you, the graduate student, with access to the best information possible. This page is intended to assist you with your academic career here at the University of Arizona, to help you prepare for future academic and non-academic work and to expand your horizons regarding your chosen field of study and work.
High School Students
Although we do not work with high school students, many of the resources on this website are available for you to use as you begin your career and academic planning. This page is intended to pull together some of these resources that can assist you in this planning process.
International Students
Preparing for and conducting your job search in the United States can be challenging for International Students. The process can be quite different from that used in your home country. Career Services encourages you to use the information and resources contained in this webpage to assist you in conducting your search.
Selected Web sites featuring career-related resources for veterans of the U.S. Military.
LGBTIQ Resources
Cultural Minority
Cultural Diversity. Diverse Culture