Graduate Students

It’s not our intention to re-invent the wheel, but rather to provide you, the graduate student, with access to the best information possible. This page is intended to assist you with your academic career here at the University of Arizona, to help you prepare for future academic and non-academic work, and to expand your horizons regarding your chosen field of study and work.

Table of Contents

University of Arizona Graduate Student Resources

University of Arizona Graduate College
For information, programs, policy and procedures.
Graduate College • Prospective Students 
Programs, resources & campus life.
Graduate & Professional Student Council
A student organization to support and promote the interests of graduate & professional students and foster communication among those students and with the University.

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Dissertation and Thesis Writing

Graduate Writing Resource • Dr. Kendra Gaines
Dr. Gaines has put together an exceptional page on academic writing and how to approach your thesis/dissertation. If you’re stuck or struggling with your writing, here’s a great place to start.
Ph.D. Thesis Research: Where do I Start? • Don Davis
Reflections from Don Davis at Columbia University on strategies for identifying and selecting exciting thesis topics and research projects.
Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation
From a Michigan State professor, we have a guide to “crafting, implementing and defending a dissertation or thesis."
How to Write Up a Ph.D. Dissertation
This page, though geared for computer science, is basically about turning your research into a readable multi-chapter document.
All-But-Dissertation Survival Guide
Finishing the Dissertation: All-But-Dissertation Survival Guide – An on-line newsletter and support group for completing the dissertation.
An on-line discussion and support group for dissertation completion.

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Professional Organizations

National Association of Graduate-Professional Students
An organization of graduate-professional students that offers support and advocacy for graduate student needs.
American Association of University Professors
A professional organization that supports academic freedom, shared governance and professional values and standards for higher education.
American Educational Research Association
A professional organization promoting scholarly inquiry in education and evaluation.
American Medical Student Association
Information and resources to improve the lives of medical students.

*Given the numerous graduate and professional programs available at the University of Arizona, there are far too many professional organizations and advocacy groups to list here. Please consult with your program, department or college to explore professional organizations in your discipline and take advantage of student memberships and the opportunity to network where available.

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General Resources

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Online edition contains sections on information technology, teaching, publishing, money, government & politics, community colleges, science, students, athletics, international, people, events, The Chronicle Review, jobs and much more.
Grad Resources • National Graduate Student Crisis Line
Grad students facing overwhelming stress or despair can call 24 hours a day and speak anonymously with a counselor specially trained in graduate issues.
H-Grad Humanities & Social Sciences Net
H-Net's network for graduate students in humanities-based professions.
Council for Christian Colleges & Universities
News, careers, research, networking and more.
Commission on Pathways Through Graduate School and Into Careers
Report published by the Commission on Pathways Through Graduate School and Into Careers, jointly sponsored by the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) and Educational Testing Service (ETS). A useful snapshot of post graduate school career seeking from financial and logistical standpoints. The references section provides further resources that might be of interest to current or prospective graduate students.
Grants and Funding in the Sciences
From the journal Science, a list of sources for research funding.
Piled Higher & Deeper
A grad student comic strip.
PhDs At Work
A smart and diverse network open to new ideas and new opportunities. Make new professional contacts. Gain expert insight on managing your career. Learn from peers who have transitioned beyond academia. Join us and network with your fellow PhDs At Work.

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Graduate Pages from Other Universities

Yale University • Graduate Career Services
Excellent collection of resources for academic and non-academic career planning, CV building, and professional development.
University of California, Berkeley Career Center • Graduate Students & PhDs
Job search information for academic and non-academic careers, links, articles and more.
Franklin Humanities Institute • Fellowship Opportunities
Graduate education in Humanities, Education, and Social Science disciplines.
Graduate Student Professional Development from the University of Wisconsin
The University of Wisconsin, Madison has an excellent page for graduate students on academic and professional skills. In addition to professional skill development, their Education Portfolio and Career Services page has a link for a PDF file that is a guideline to looking for a position in Higher Education.
Michigan State University - PREP The Graduate School
Michigan State University also has some superb information in its PREP program. The PREP program is a joint venture between the Graduate College and Career Services at Michigan State.
The University of British Columbia • The Graduate Game Plan
The University of British Columbia presents the “Graduate Game Plan”. These pages explain how students’ success in graduate school and beyond can be optimized through strong communication skills necessary to the dissemination of your scholarly ideas and research findings. By engaging in opportunities to promote your work, you can network with other scholars, increase your research profile and open an increased number of potential career options. Be sure to check out their tips on presenting and publishing your research.
The University of Illinois • Career Development Office
Finally, from the Graduate College Career Development Office web page of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, insights on the job-search procedure for both Academic and Non-Academic Jobs.

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Academic Career Planning and Support

These are sites dedicated to employment in post-secondary education. Some focus specifically on faculty positions; others list both faculty and administrative positions.
Jobs in academia and education.
Quintessential Careers
A list of academic, education, and teaching job listings.
Academic Careers Online
Academic Careers Online includes faculty, teacher, research, post doc, adjunct, library, administrative and senior management positions at (community) colleges, universities, research institutes, and schools around the world.
Administrative, faculty, postdoctoral, and science jobs.
Sample Academic Cover Letter
This sample cover letter might be used as a template when applying for academic positions.
PhD and Masters resources on the web.
The Times Higher Education • Jobs
Adjunct teaching positions at international higher-education institutions.
Higher Ed Jobs
Search thousands of job listings for free. Career Tools include a chat room, salary data, resources for International job seekers, employer profiles, articles and additional resources.
This is a meta-collection of Internet resources that have been gathered for the academic job hunter. It includes links to faculty, staff, and administrative announcements and is not restricted to teach positions.
Inside Higher Ed • Careers
College and university job listings for faculty and staff positions.
Modern Language Association • Job Information List
The MLA's job list is a central resource for academic job seekers in the humanities. The "Related Links" on this page also contain useful information for graduate students on the job market.
California Community College Registry
Job listings in the California Community Colleges system. Searchable by district or region.

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Non-Academic Career Planning and Support


Where to Find Information on Nonacademic Careers
From the Chronicle of Higher Education, a thorough list of information and job search resources in alternative careers in many fields.
Life After the PhD
A list of books, columns, blogs, and articles about careers outside of academia.
Transferable Skills for PhDs
From the University of Michigan Career Center, a helpful list of transferable skills for graduate students to consider in applying to jobs outside academia.
The Global "Go-To Think Tanks"
A useful list of public policy and research oriented think tanks (.pdf)
Sell Out
A resource for PhD's considering careers beyond the university. Career FAQs, articles, links and more.
Beyond the PhD
A resource for exploring possible career paths within and outside academia. Contains career profiles of PhD graduates, articles, and a useful links section.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Versatile PhD
The Versatile PhD mission is to help humanities and social science PhDs and graduate students identify and prepare for possible non-academic careers. Free registration provides access to forums, events, and job listings.
Association of Departments of English (ADE) • Developing a Nonacademic Career
Information and links about careers outside academia for doctoral graduates in English. Includes tips from graduates working in a variety of fields.
Non-Academic Career Options for PhDs in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Tips and resources for career planning, from the Columbia University Center for Career Education.
Sell Out Your Soul
A blog about leaving academia, with a focus on humanities. Includes posts about humanities jobs outside the academy, career-finding tips, interviews with PhD graduates, and links to articles and other blogs about the challenges of graduate school and the job market.
Should New PhDs Consider Non-Academic Careers?
An article about the non-academic career outlook for sociology graduates, from the American Sociological Association.
Idealist • Action Without Borders
Idealist posts national and international jobs, internships, volunteering, humanitarian aid, environmental and economic resources, events, career fairs and information. Many jobs here indicate a preference, if not a requirement, for graduate degrees. Sign-up for email notification of new internship or job listings.


American Astronomical Society • Non-Academic Astronomers Network
Profiles of astronomy graduates at the master's and doctoral level working in a wide variety of non-academic fields.
Beyond Physics
A blog maintained by two physicists who post career profiles of physics grads working in private companies, the public sector, and academic institutions.
Non-Academic Science Career Information Aggregator
Websites, articles, and job title lists that may be of interest to scientists looking outside of academia.

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Student Affairs

NASPA and ACPA are the two major student affairs organizations in the U.S. The following are links to their websites and another on-line guide to student affairs positions.

National Association of Student Personnel Administrators
NASPA's site contains career resources, event information, and publications.
American College Personnel Association
Career Central, ACPA's year-round online job search portal.
On Line Guide for Student Affairs Professionals
Student affairs job listings.

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Web Resources

There are many websites with information on planning your career and conducting a job search. Career Services has developed an annotated list of these websites, the Career Web Resources . This list is divided into the following sections:

  • Job Search Tools and Strategies
  • Career Information for Diverse Groups
  • Career Information by Field

These websites might be helpful to you as you are exploring your career and academic options and learning about different occupations and the work world.

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More Web Resources

Streaming Career Planning Seminars for PhD Students

Career Services, along with the Graduate & Professional Student Council and the Graduate College presented a series of seminars led by guest presenter Dr. Andrew Green from UC Berkeley.  Access to the content is free, but you will need to log into the Career Services website in order to view the videos and associated materials.

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