Federal Government Internships

The U.S. Federal Government can be a rich source of career experience no matter what your field of interest. Generally, listings of opportunities are on the individual agency’s web site. Once there, look for links to Career Opportunities, or Student Employment, or something similar. There are literally hundreds of governmental agencies, but the time taken to search out opportunities can be fruitful.

Call to Serve • Making the Difference
U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and Partnership for Public Service teamed up to create this great resource to help students learn about careers in the federal government. Find out how to apply for federal jobs and internships.
DC Internships
Washington DC internship opportunities.
Department of Health & Human Services - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Coordinated student programs and training programs matrix.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
NASA jobs and other student programs.
The National Archives - Jobs, Internships and Volunteering
Internships, student jobs, volunteer opportunities, application forms, tips & FAQs, sponsored internships, Washington DC area internships, regional internships, Presidential Library Internships and much more.
USDA Forest Service
Jobs, A Day in the Life, Benefits, Student Programs, additional links and more.
U.S. Department of State • Student Programs
Cooperative Education, fellowships, internships, summer clerical programs and more.

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